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Luxe Things I Want to Need

Following on from my living at home in my twenties post, which can be found here, I thought I'd do a post (my 100th!) about some of the luxuries living at home is allowing me to afford that I always want to need in my life. Those things that are probably a little bit too expensive but make life that touch more comfortable. Maybe it's age that makes me appreciate these things and now being closer to thirty than twenty but these are my want to need items.

Luxe Things I Want to Need

Luxe Loungewear

I for one, especially in winter, spend a lot of time in lounge wear but for a long time it was the first part of my wardrobe to be hit by poor retail choices. Primark, I'm looking at you. I also seem to cling to baggy over-stretched tees with numerous holes and faded shorts way after their shelf life because they are comfy. Then I invested in some gorgeous cashmere lounge wear and I'm totally converted to luxe lounging. My go-to home for cashmere is Markies where you can grab a great discount if you look out for one. They have jumpers, pyjamasjoggers and more to indulge in. For summer, I have invested in silky fabrics to slide across my skin where Rosie for Autograph at Markies and Ted Baker are excelling.

Grown-Up Bedding

Maybe it's because I'm saving for my first ever home but rather than having the mind-set of a penny-pinching student I now see luxe soft furnishings, such as bedding, as an investment. Brushed or egyptian cotton, I now find myself checking thread counts. I've worked out that a decent sleep really impacts and helps me manage with such a busy schedule and my bed has become a haven. Bring me all the cushions, pillows, throws and feathers so I can cocoon myself in the most comfortable dream land.

Luxe Things I Want to Need

High Quality Basics

I invest in high quality basics because you get the quality you pay for and it works out better value per wear compared to cheap alternatives which might only last 5 wears. My secret to this is chose classic cuts, colours and styles which you know fit and that you know you'll wear over and over again. A v-neck tee in black/white/grey will always be in my wardrobe. A breton stripe will always be back in style come spring and a crisp white classic trainer like a converse are to me wardrobe staple.


Candles are not a necessity for living. I do not wither away without them, although my sense of smell would be very disappointed. Candles for me are more of a wellness indulgence. Having candles around my bath tub give me a sense of romance and calm while I soak. Lighting a candle on a Saturday night while I indulge in my reality TV addiction and enjoy a tipple makes me feel relax and like my home is a real home. I recently read that candles aren't even the best way to fragrance your home but I just don't care. Watching the flame flicker and the wax melting is mesmirising, which you just don't get with aroma alternatives.

Luxe Things I Want to Need


Sunglasses are an item that I just can't stop buying as soon as the sun starts to shine. The unfortunate thing is that my tastes are for the more designer end of the spectrum. Both my mum and J joke that I have a seasonal addiction to buying sunglasses and that I need to find a group where I can attend meetings about it. I love the feeling of having a sassy pair on sunglasses on my face, sometimes hiding all the sins my eyes give away, and they also bring me extra confidence. Since discovering

Gorgeous Stationary

Maybe it is the student in me that loves to indulge in stationary but having a new notepad or fancy list-making pad gives me the confidence to think I can conquer the world or any assignment which is thrown my way. I probably have an insane amount of notepad space in the pads I already own, but I can always seem to justify handing over my hard-earned money for just one more. At the moment I am loving Kate Spade's stationary and their metallic edge and the florals that Rifle Paper Co are killing it at right now. My blog organiser is from Rifle Paper Co and was the first item I purchased from the company in Selfridges and now I can't stop checking out their offerings.

Luxe Things I Want to Need

What luxury items do you indulge and invest in? What do you really love buying even though you probably shouldn't?

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