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Five apps for blogging

My blog has been going for over a year now in this little corner of the internet and over that year I have learnt so much about the world of blogging, the ups and the downs and the frustrations that can come with it. I thought I'd share the 5 apps which I now couldn't live without as a blogger which help me on a daily basis.

Five apps for blogging - is an app which is an extension of their website which allows link shortening. This is great for tweeting links to blog posts when you are limited to a number of characters. The app also tracks the number of clicks on your links to provide you an helpful insight into what is popular and working.


Hootsuite is a scheduling app that you can link to social media accounts. Currently I only use this app for twitter but it enables me to schedule tweets at relevant points of the the day or even days ahead to promote blog posts. I use it for when I know I'm going to be unavailable to post the tweet myself, such as when I'm in meetings at work, on a plane or on holiday. 

Five apps for blogging - Color Story


ColorStory is a photo editing app which I swear by. It's simple to use and has some great free filters that add something extra to photos. My personal favourites are Pop at about 50% intensity and Everyday at 90-100% intensity. 


For me there is nothing worse when I'm out and about and get a great idea for a post because 73% of the time I have no way or recording it before I forget, this is where Mindly comes in. It's an app based around mind-mapping and I have one key mind map on there for my blog with sub-categories of Beauty, Lifestyle, Travel, Fashion and Food which then have child bubbles that I can organise my ideas for blog posts when they come to me. The great thing about the app is that it's always with me but also once a post is live I can remove it from the mind-map and add a new one without loads of scribbling, tip-ex or having to start a new map when I run out of space.

Five apps for blogging - UNUM


UNUM is an app focussed on planning for instagram. You can rearrange photos in the grid, schedule posts and set notifications to remind you to post. This app is amazing if you are trying to maintain a theme as it allows you a visual insight to what is going to work. You can caption your posts in the app  and it also gives you some analytics for your top posts, best times to post and likes and comments. If you want followers information you do have to subscribe to the elite plan. 

Five apps for blogging - UNUM

These five apps help me out so much blogging and I wish I'd known about them from the start. I only discovered UNUM about a month ago, before that I was using Mosaico but this doesn't give you the analytics. I'd love to know if you use these already or try them out. 

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