How to Defeat the Christmas Sales

How to Defeat the Christmas Sales

It's Christmas Eve!!!! I have successfully started to get excited about everything ready for the big day tomorrow. As i'm writing this we are just about to go to a friends for some gooey melted cheese and carols. Along with the arrival of christmas eve is also the arrival of the early christmas sales. This morning I ventured to my local shopping centre to pick up a last minute item and probably 75% of the shops were already in sale. Here are my top tips for getting the bargains and leaving the rubbish...

Survival Tips

When deciding to defeat the christmas sales I always ask myself three key questions. 

- Would I buy this full price?
- Will I use it?
- Do I really need it?

If I wouldn't buy something full price then I always ask myself is the new price right? I used to always get drawn into buying items which were still too expensive in my mind, but they were discounted so I should buy it, right?

Will I use it? If the answer is no, then don't buy it. If this question leaves you um-ing and ah-ing then chances are you shouldn't buy the item. 

Need. Now there are many factors to this question as the term need is very subjective, which is why I've introduced the really. If you have fallen in love with the item and you really want it, then the odd treat is fine, but for most of the sales they are items that you don't need. 

Online Sales

The modern beauty of online shopping is that many retailers now have 'wishlists' or 'saved items'. This allows you to shop when the items are full price, save them for later, and then see an overall of what has gone into the sale. 

The early bird catches the worm. Get online early. Now I'm not saying wake up ridiculously early on christmas just to get a bargain, but if you're not there early then chances are you will miss out on what you want. Lots of retailers go into sale on Christmas Day now online, so rather than cosy up after lunch for a nap, why not scout out the pieces you want for 30 minutes or so?

Another tactic I like to use online is add everything which takes my fancy to my basket and then review it all at the end and make the cuts to get things within my budget. After 30 minutes or so those brightly coloured boots for £20 which probably wouldn't go with anything might not be as appealing.

How to Defeat the Christmas Sales

In Store Sales

The early bird catches the worm. The same tactic applies for in-store sales, if you get there early then it will be generally quieter for shopping and you'll get first pickings of the sale rail before it looks like a bomb has hit it. 

Be efficient. Know what shops you want to look in before you go, and maybe go online first to see what items you'd like. Then you can assess what you need before you leave the house and only pick up these items. Every year I pick out the perfume sets I want from boots pre-christmas and then after christmas go and pick them up in the sale. I also use my boots points which I save up all year to keep the cost down. 

Take water and snacks. Don't waste time in the ridiculous queues at Starbucks, grab a drink or nibble in the queues and get in and out and home as quick as possible. 

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Love Rachel x