Holiday Essentials

As you are reading this I will be hopefully relaxing down in the Algarve in Portugal. While packing for me was pretty mental and done in a very small space of time, i'd been planning my holiday essentials for many weeks prior to the holiday. So here are a few of my holiday essentials:


For me a holiday is a beach holiday. I do love a city break but I don't class it as an official holiday as I find that I'm always on the go exploring and trying to cram in as much as physically possible. Every beach holiday needs a good bikini or six to compliment the relaxation. This year I've picked up a few beauties for my holiday especially this navy neoprene dream from Triangl. I love the crochet stitch detailing and after trying the bikini on it is really flattering, especially on my small bust. 


So many people try and tech-detox when they go away, but with my recent addiction to Pokemon Go I can't see it happening on this break. I do try and stay away from social media and my phone as much as possible but my main technology I use on holiday is my camera and my kindle. No holiday is complete without my kindle now. I am totally converted after kicking up ad huge fuss about how I liked the tradition of reading an actual book. As part of my compromise I now buy books for my kindle and if I enjoyed them I now buy a physical copy too. Look out for Tuesday's post too which is my Summer Reading List. 


Like many girls I have a real love for buying and wearing shoes and I recently picked up some really comfy espadrilles from ASOS for less than £20 which I think is a real bargain. While on holiday I also live in flip flops and sandals. Flip Flops are my beach and pool side staple in the day and a nice pair of tan sandals become uniform for the evening. While there are many well known flip flop brands out there I always seem to return to Hollister/Abercrombie for my FF fix after I was introduced to them when I worked for the brand. They are really comfy and last forever so you get great wear even for the higher price point in the market. 


Sunglasses are a general summer staple, not just for holiday. They can cover the effects of a heavy night on the cocktails and also allow you to oggle that great beach bod without giving anything away. This year I'm loving the reflective lens and have chosen a pair of Ray Bans, Taylor Morris and H&M to satisfy my need for reflection. The H&M glasses were a steal at £6.99 and are going to be my pool go-to.

What are your holiday essentials? What wouldn't you be able to go away without?

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Love Rachel x