Five Positive Things

Five Positive Things

Five Positive Things

Evening All, It's another late post again from me. I've had a hectic day which will all be explained below in my five positive things.

01: My final assignment of the academic year has been handed in and as it stands I have achieved distinctions in everything! I'm so proud of myself going back to education whilst working full time, it's been a huge challenge and I'm so pleased that I've done it. Bring on the next 4 years and my degree.

02: I am off to Glastonbury Festival tomorrow morning. I have just finished packing in the last 10 minutes and my alarm is set for 3am so I can't spend too long here as I need to catch some Z's. I do promise to stop going on about Glasto fairly soon - but you can keep up to date with my adventure this year on social media.

03: I'm starting to see small differences finally with my health and fitness which I am so happy about. I can run for a little longer and my jeans are no longer that little bit too tight.

04: My nan is currently in hospital and the prognosis isn't good. That's not a positive thing unfortunately but what is positive is that she's currently defying all the doctors. We were told to prepare for her not to make the night on friday and I saw her today and she was talking, eating and responding well. I can't explain how lucky I feel to have been given this extra time with her. I really hope she makes her birthday in September as she'll be turning the grand age of 90!

05: I am totally addicted to watching Love Island, and that's okay.

I hope you all have amazing weeks and weekends - please pray for good weather for me :) Thanks!

Love Rachel x