An Honest Review: Skinny Mint

An Honest Review: Skinny Mint

For anyone who hasn't heard of the term Teatox before Tea + Detox = Teatox. Skinny Mint are a brand I've come across multiple times via social media and the internet offering a Teatox. It has been endorsed by Kylie Jenner and many other celebs too. But does it live up to the hype?

While the website insists that it is not a diet or meal replacement and is focused on being a "completely natural way to improve your health and make you feel amazing" I always get the impression from social media posts and their love board/real results on their website that the true aim of the product is to help you lose weight and quickly. This is supported by all the images of teatox drinkers with tanned sculpted bodies.

This was exactly what I wanted before my trip to the Dominican Republic in December so I tried the 14 day starter teatox. While I didn't really see results I figured i'd left it too late and not done it for the full 28 days so back in April I tried again for the full 28 day teatox experience,

How the teatox works

The Skinny Mint teatox comes in 14 or 28 day batches and is available from their website. It is a 2 step process where each morning you are to drink a Morning Boost tea and then every other evening you are to drink a Night Cleanse for the full duration of the detox. The teas are made with all natural ingredients which when blended are meant to help you feel healthier.

The Morning Boost tea was my favourite of the two. It tasted nicer and I did feel benefits from it. I found that I felt less inclined to snack for a while after drinking it and I did feel more energised. This is probably because the morning tea contains caffeine which I don't typically consume at all - or if I do I consume in small quantities. The snacking too may have been a placebo effect, I'm just not sure. The Morning Boost tea bag can be re-brewed multiple times until bland.

The Night Cleanse tea bag was not my cup of tea, pardon the pun. I really didn't enjoy the taste so I regularly added a little lemon juice to take away the flavour I didn't like. The night cleanse was the step in the teatox that I also found the hardest to drink due to having to keep track of the every other night schedule. I'm also not personally a fan of drinking too late in the evening for the fear of having to get out of my comfy bed in the middle of the night to use the loo. Now the night cleanse does contain Senna which is a natural laxative and it is recommended that you start your first night cleanse on a weekend where if you react badly you can be at home. Personally I didn't feel that the night cleanse had much of an impact on me.

An Honest Review: Skinny Mint

Does it work?

This is the killer question I know and as everyone's body is different I am sure that everyone reacts differently. For me my overall conclusion would be no. Below are statements from the Skinny Mint website from a customer survey:

90% of customers would recommend to a friend
82% agreed they felt less bloated
81% agreed the night cleanse flushed them out
76% agreed Skinny Mint was a good detox
84% enjoyed the taste of the tea
76% agreed Skinny Mint produced results

The only statement that I can 100% back up is that I really did feel less bloated when I was on the teatox which did help me feel better about myself and not so sluggish. I did enjoy the taste of the Morning Boost tea too - but not the Night Cleanse so I can't fully back that statement up. The others I feel i'm in the minority percentages.

If the Morning Boost was cheaper to purchase on it's own - probably at a more higher end supermarket price point instead of £17.90 for 28 teabags - then I would definitely consider purchasing this again as I did feel brighter, more alert and energised in the day. It did also possibly fulfill my urges to snack. Overall as a teatox, I'm not sure I would purchase again and I wouldn't recommend to a friend. I have seen better results over 28 days from increasing my exercise plan and being mindful of what i'm eating. I didn't change my diet much while doing the teatox, but I did watch what I was eating a little more and swapped all white carbs for brown as recommended. I didn't change shape during the teatox and I didn't lose any weight overall but my bloated belly was smaller and appeared less frequently. Overall this is not a product I will purchase again.

Have you ever tried a teatox? What did you think?

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Love Rachel x