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Weddings are events that always seem to make me feel like I'm floating on a cloud afterwards. They are filled with love, adoration and happiness for all along with loads of cheesy dance moves. Everything is just magical from the grace of the confetti falling over the happy couple to the streams of bubbles in the champagne for the heart wrenching toasts.

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As you can see I enjoy a good wedding!
For 2016 I have been cordially invited to four weddings and I just can't wait (I just hope there is no funeral). Four weddings means four new outfits, hurrah! but sorry Mr Bank Account, as I don't fit in the outfits in my wardrobe from last year. This is the tricky part. While I get four new outfits I also have to find four new outfits which I love, are within budget and meet the unspoken rules of wedding guest dressing, as below:

Don't upstage the bride
You would assume that this would go without saying - but I have been a witness to someone wearing a heavily embellished silver dress and the bride was not happy. Lets just say we saw some bride-zilla.

Don't wear white
This kinda goes hand in hand with don't upstage the bride. This for me is the most debated rule which I have considered breaking this year due to some gorgeous white dresses being out there this season. Please let me know what you think of this!

Don't wear anything to revealing
I still stand by the mantra that not everything needs to be out all at once. It's still traditional for church marriages and you don't want the vicar giving you a disappointed stare. Disappointed stares are always the worst.

Avoid wearing black
This is the most flexible rule I think and the one most people break. For me black is what's worn to funerals and on nights out. Embrace some colour - you are celebrating after all! or if that's a bit too adventurous, navy makes a great alternative to black.

Another factor to consider when dressing for a wedding is the setting. If it's out in the countryside you might want some slightly more sensible footwear compared with a wedding in the city. I also have a winter wedding this year which will require a different style of dressing to my summer soirees.  Here are a few of my summer wedding picks:

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Floral Bandeau Pencil Dress
Yellow Floral Dress
Floral Bardot Pencil Dress
Yellow Lattice Dress
Floral Print Pleated Dress

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Mint Tie Front Dress
Turquoise Embellished Neck Dress
Blue Lace Dress
Grey Lace Dress
Purple Embellished Skater Dress

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Pink Double Layer Dress
Pink Lace Dress
Rose Laser Cut Dress
Pink Cami Strap Lace Dress
Pink Wrap Maxi Dress
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Navy Embroidered Dress
Navy Strapless Dress
Navy Bardot Skater Dress
Navy Lattice Broderie Dress

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Love Rachel x