Teeth Whitening Review:Oral B White Strips

Teeth Whitening Review:Oral B White Strips

"I add a smile to everything I wear and that has worked out great for me" - David White

Teeth can have such an impact on appearance as smiling is such an important part of daily life and interaction with people. For me a persons smile and shoes are some of the first things I notice about them. This is why for me having pearly white teeth is something I strive for. Now i'm going to admit i'm fairly lucky when it comes to my taste buds as the traditional things that stain your teeth like coffee, tea, red wine and curry they just don't seem to like, so I don't consume them. I do however eat quite large quantities of sugary treats - sorry dentist!! - which are filled with colouring and additives which contribute to discolouration. 

Teeth Whitening: Oral B Crest White Strips

With this in mind and a recent trip to the dentist I asked about teeth whitening. With the price a little way out of my current budget and the dentist telling me that my teeth were at the whitest end of her 'natural' tooth colour scale I left feeling happy but a little disappointed as I still wanted my teeth whiter. So in came the Oral B White Strips. 

These aren't readily available in the UK (as far as i'm aware) so I picked mine up online for roughly around £17 for 10 strips. The pack recommends you use them once or twice a day everyday until the course of strips provided is complete. For me using the strips twice a day just wasn't feasible so I used them once every other day for just over two weeks fitting them in around my schedule. The strips come with a longer top teeth strip and a smaller bottom teeth strip in each pouch.


Before application I ensured that I had prepped my teeth appropriately by brushing them and flossing then waiting about 30-60 minutes before applying the strips without consuming anything other than water. To apply the strips you peel them off of the clear backing and apply the sticky side on to your teeth and wrap them round to the back of the teeth. I always ensured that I pressed the strips around the curves of the teeth to ensure full coverage. This is easy to do and takes very little time. Then you play the waiting game for 30 minutes. I would use this time to just relax and not do too much as I found that having the strips on my teeth caused me to speak with a lisp. Once the 30 minutes is up you simply peel the strips gently off your teeth and dispose in a bin. I found that the strips left some residue on my teeth which meant that I would brush my teeth again after using them. After rinsing with a final burst of mouthwash my teeth were left feeling super clean. 


Teeth Whitening Review:Oral B White Strips
Teeth Whitening Review:Oral B White Strips
After (slightly better lighting - sorry)

The Oral B White Strips have worked - hooray! Maybe not quite as dramatically as I would have liked originally but I certainly can see the difference. With my before and after photos I tried to keep the lighting conditions as similar as possible to show you the true result. If my schedule allowed I would love to be able to use these once a day for a full consecutive 10 days as recommended to see if this has a difference and while the results probably aren't as permanent as dentist whitening they also don't have the same cost. For the money I will definitely purchase these again - especially if I can find someone who is travelling to America to save me buying them online for a marked up price.

Have you ever used teeth whitening techniques before? Have you even used the Oral B White Strips before? If so, let me know how you got on.

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Love Rachel x