Five Positive Things

Five Positive Things

Five Positive Things Selfie

Evening All! Sorry for my lack of communication over the last week but I have just been consumed with life; mainly assignments for college and errands I'd put off for far too long.

01: Summer is finally upon us. As I write this I have just consumed a lovely meal of fish fingers (thats as far as my cooking skills go) and I have a lovely view of Zac exploring the garden under the wisteria. At the weekend I did manage to grab five minutes to sit outside in the sun with a cold drink which was lovely. With the arrival of summer comes the arrival of birthdays, weddings and festivals and I am ridiculously excited. My dress for a wedding next weekend is absolutely stunning - I think i'm a little in love.

02: Another event which now has a date and time is the Bristol Blogger Meet. I've never been to a blogger event or met any other bloggers so again i'm hugely excited to meet the people behind some of the blogs that I love to read. It seems amazing to me that I'm actually classed as a blogger and can attend this!

03: A third event coming up is Glastonbury - sorry I promise this won't be all events based, well not quite. Facebook reminded me the other day that this week was the week that I received my ticket last year so now every time I see the postman I end up waiting by the letterbox just incase my ticket for this year arrives.

*To finish the events ramble there is also Busted in Birmingham, Romeo and Juliet at the Garrick Theatre, London, Chicago at Bristol Hippodrome a holiday to Portugal and a trip to Bath Spa all coming up within the next two and a bit months!*

04: I'm finally getting towards the first of five years back in education as an adult learner. It's been a hard year with constant submissions and a written assignment word count looking to be about 70,000 words. I'm sure thats like writing War and Peace yeah? With this end of year one I have just had it confirmed that my job role will change over the summer and I will be progressing into my new role at work. This was so lovely to hear as it feels that my hard work over the year has paid off!

05: I've really enjoyed growing some sunflowers and strawberries from seeds recently. I think this is because i'm proving to myself that I can take care of a living thing in the hope of a French Bulldog puppy arriving when I get a house of my own. My track record for adulting currently isn't that good so it's positive to know I can look after something that isn't myself.  Checking on the seeds has become a little addictive though.

What's new with you this week? Have you been embracing summer too?

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Love Rachel x