Fitness Diary: Monthly Update

Fitness Diary: Monthly Update

Happy Bank Holiday!
So as we speak I am trying to prepare for a wedding on monday whilst typing out an assignment on health and safety and testing out a tent for Glasto.

Now about a month ago you will remember me talking about signing up for the London Marathon 2017 ballot in a crazy moment of peer pressure, insecurity and madness. Well each month i'm now going to keep you updated in my struggles and triumphs for training and improving my fitness. My moment of madness post mentioned trying to adapt my diet and exercise regime to become a bona fide runner.

Now month one has been probably more of a negative than a positive and shamefully i've only been on one actual run - which was a mile long and took me 15 minutes. I thought my lungs were going to explode and that my feet fell off around the half a mile mark. This wasn't the case, my lungs and feet are still intact and functioning fine. A positive to take from the mile I ran though was that I really need to work to be able to achieve a marathon in just 11 months time. As mentioned in my Five Positive Things post life seems to be getting in the way of my goals and plans at the moment which has meant my marathon fitness ambition got a little sidelined. To combat this happening again I have now gone through and scheduled in my fitness for all of the upcoming weeks before my holiday including some home gym sessions to help work around a busy schedule.

Fitness Diary: Monthly Update

I was hoping to be able to tell you that I had a lovely recipe for raw brownies which I was going to share with you - unfortunately while they tasted reasonable for brownies made from beetroot they also made my mouth feel like the Sahara Desert after one tiny bite. I am going to try again - which will hopefully mean I can share some nice healthy snack recipes in the near future.

Have you got any healthy snack recipes that you love? How do you fit in fitness around a busy schedule? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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Love Rachel x