Happy Easter & Spring Goals

Floral Happy Easter

So spring has officially sprung as of last weekend and I'm forever grateful that my iPhone knows which way the clocks change to save me lots of confusion. I have to say the weather outside looked lovely during the week although I bet it was still a little nippy. I've only just been allowed off bed rest from the doctor and it is seasonably raining for the near future which is typical.

Floral Spring Goals

'The best project you'll ever work on is you'

Back in January I set out my year in advance goals for 2016 so I thought i'd do a little quarterly round up of how they are going so far.

Become Debt Free

This is my biggest and most challenging goal so far. Slowly I am seeing my spending decrease although it's not a dramatic reduction and I am gradually eating away at the looming figure above my head. Being such a slow progression goal it is truly challenging me to my core. I certainly look at the figures and disappointment appears with a little bit of shame too, that I've let it get this way. Everyone says that admitting it is such a big step but it feels like I've got so many more steps to go! I'm holding out hope though that there is light at the end of the tunnel. To be more positive my spreadsheet is a dream. I'm slowly adding in little formulas and columns here and there to show me more percentages of my progression and these little visuals are what's keeping me motivated. Oh how I love a percentage.

Live a healthier lifestyle

My goal to live a healthier lifestyle seems a little ironic at the moment as since January I've been sick twice, which is rare for me. Plus it's now easter so traditionally I will be consuming my body weight in chocolate. My goals set out were:

Eat better food: less pre-packed frozen meals and more fresh prepared meals
Well I've slowly cut out a fair amount of pre-packed food for dinner and the days of ready meals are gone which is a win, but everything is still coated in multiple layers of cheese. This time I just get to choose the cheese rather than have it provided for me. 
- Quit snacking on high sugar treats throughout the day: also remove snack drawer at work
The snack drawer at work did go (for a little while). It is currently back but it has slightly healthier treats in and the naughty ones I ration myself to only one a day rather than all 9 angel slices, yes that has been done before.
- Exercise at least once a week: gym, running, work out at home
I have epically failed at this one. College work and work work have fully consumed my evenings to the point that all I want to do when I get a spare moment is crash out in front of the tele like a vegetable. I must try harder.
- Swim once a week
Again another big fat fail for me. In my old style I would have tried to blame my swimming partner Ben for deciding to quit his job, abandon my swimming goals and fly on a one way ticket to Australia. Really it's my own fault, I could go without Ben - I choose not to, and really I'd be totally sad having to swim in a pool which is probably at least 10% wee when Ben is front crawling all over the Great Barrier Reef.
- Start Ballet Classes (and also hit a bucket list target)
Now ballet is something I absolutely adore and I'm so chuffed with myself that I actually worked up the courage to go. At the end of my week it's a total escape from work and college and all things construction. Bliss.
- Spend more time outside and less time in front of Netflix and the TV
This I also feel I do. Zac now gets a walk almost every day and with summer on the horizon I think these will only get longer and more frequent. I have lots of outdoor places that I want to visit this spring summer too on my list so hopefully that will also get me out and about. I'm thinking of starting a bullet journal to help me log things like this so I can actually see an improvement. Does anyone else use a bullet journal?? Any reviews or thoughts to share with me before I embark upon one?

This is the goal now that summer is sneaking round the corner that I really want to focus. I am really going to enforce living a healthier lifestyle as currently i'm not happy with my body and I've noticed a lack of confidence wearing some of the clothes that I love the most because of it. 

Perfect the Work, Play, Study, Me Balance

I've only turned down one thing so far this year so that I could meet my deadlines. Truly I ended up being unwell that evening anyway and I didn't really do anything towards my deadline so i'm not sure it counts, event though the thought was there. 

I hope you all have a lovely easter - if you celebrate it or not - and if you fancy making some last minute easter treats too, why not try my recipe's for creme egg brownies or chocolate fudge cake nests.

Love Rachel x