Review: Thriller Live

Last night I was lucky enough to secure tickets to go and see the touring version of Thriller Live at the Bristol Hippodrome. While I ended up sacrificing dinner due to traffic woes - Bristol why are you always gridlocked? - the show was brilliant enough that it managed to keep my inner hangry monster at bay.

Now I will say right here at the beginning of this review that it is more than likely to be slightly biased as I actually went to school with one of the amazing dancers in the show.

When booking my tickets to see Thriller Live I was kind of under the impression that it would follow suit to the other jukebox musicals out there that I have seen such as Mamma Mia and Jersey Boys and either narrate the story of MJ himself or have an original narrative that his songs worked into. This is not the case. Thriller Live is more of a glittery and energetic concert of song and dance. The show is the 17th longest running and is a global success with the cast of the current tour having already performed across Europe.

The show started at the beginning with Michael Jackson's roots in the Jackson 5 through the Motown era featuring songs like ABC, I want you back, Rockin' Robin and I'll be there. After the interval we moved into a selection of my favourite MJ songs with an epic performance of Smooth Criminal, a version of Dirty Diana which was probably raunchier that 50 Shades of Grey and a stellar moonwalk into Billie Jean by Sean Christopher who really did capture the legend himself in his performance.

The vocals in the show were practically pitch perfect and many of the dance moves were precise and executed with passion. The band who performed all of the music were insane and I really enjoyed their interaction with the performance and audience. I was amazed by the sheer number of crazy costume changes that every member of the cast did and the speed at which they were done. The costumes were full of sparkle and allowed many of the cast to exhibit their amazingly toned flesh. By the time Thriller started to play many of the audience seemed dazzled and ready for some dancing - one lady in particular in one of the boxes was certainly ready to party and was busting out some wild dance moves whilst singing along and not missing a single word.

If you love the songs of Michael Jackson and are interested in a night out jam packed full of his greatest hits then this show is for you. The show runs in Bristol until Saturday 20th Feb and then moves on to Birmingham, Oxford, Liverpool, Glasgow, Woking, Torquay, Brighton and Milton Keynes. More information can be found at the ATG website.
If you do go and see the show, let me know what you think and make sure to give a big cheer at the end for my friend Gianni when the cast take their bows!

Love Rachel x