Saturday, 10 October 2015

Banksy's Dismaland: Weston- Super-Mare

Dismaland was a temporary art exhibition by street artist Banksy, and 58 other contributors, which was constructed just down the road from me in Weston-Super-Mare (affectionately known as Weston-Super-Mud). It was constructed in secret and only revealed to locals a few days before it's mid august opening in the towns disused lido, The Tropicana. Banksy described it as a "Family theme park unsuitable for children" and it took a rather sinister twist on Disneyland.

Unfortunately the exhibition is now closed. It only ran for 6 weeks and ended 2 weekends ago with a masked ball, supposedly masked so Banksy himself could attend. I have posted this post late as lots of people I know didn't want to see loads of pictures of the exhibition or so say "spoilers". Above are a few of my favourites from Dismaland.

Love Rachel x
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